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Three Months Later...

Everything changed!

So many things have happened in the past few months, it's difficult to even know where to start.

I returned to working at the school, rather than from home. A lot of my colleagues are unhappy, but I couldn't be more thrilled. To be honest, I just missed being around my students so much, it was really taking a toll on my mental health. Who knew teenagers could be so important?

I'm fully vaccinated against Covid-19. There for a while, I was very stressed out because Missouri's governor did a terrible job distributing vaccines, allowing loads to go to waste in rural areas while completely ignoring the cities. Thankfully, that got all sorted out (it certainly helps when Kansas City's and St. Louis's mayors team up to send a letter to FEMA asking for aid because the governor has failed them) and pretty much everyone I know in the area has gotten their vaccines. I'm still nervous about going out too much, especially with my kids who are both too young for the vaccine, but still, I'm thrilled to be able to worry less about this pandemic.

It feels like waking up from a nightmare though, and so much of the worry/nerves/sadness from the past year is still lingering. I know I have friends who lost loved ones or have lingering health issues due to Covid. Multiple students who have told me they lost family members. It's been heartbreaking. I was extremely lucky this past year, but I know so many who weren't.

In the writing world, I've also had a couple big changes (along with a few smaller ones). I had an offer on CODY, but ultimately decided it wasn't right for me. I also parted ways with my agent, on good terms, and am now seeking new representation. It's been a bit wild. I had completely forgotten how nerve-wrecking the querying process is, or at least how often I tend to click "Refresh" on my inbox, hoping for something new.

But waiting is part of the game, and I'm here to play.

I also have a new short story coming out in June 2021, as a part of the ARZONO Annual. So while in some respects, I've taken a step "backward" in my novel-writing career, there are still successes. Celebrate them when they come, move on when they don't, right?

A link to pre-order: The 2021 Annual