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A Flash of Words 2: Author Interview - LJ Skelton

Today, I am featuring author LJ Skelton, whose story, “Scavengers,” is included in the anthology, A Flash of Words, alongside my own story, “Scatter.” Do you write in the same genre as your reading preference, or do they differ?

Almost everything I read or write has a romance aspect to it, but the genres do vary quite a bit, although mystery/suspense is my favorite. Two of my novels in progress are contemporary westerns, which I chose to write because I can never seem to find exactly what I want to read in that genre. Several of my short stories have taken on a very post-apocalyptic vibe, which was unintentional but I may expand on in the future because I really enjoyed the dark and creepy aspect.

Do you have a favorite snack or drink while you write?

I love all snacks! I like to drink whiskey or wine when I write, I find it slows down my easily-distracted brain a little and allows me to focus.

What are your biggest inspirations to write (other than music)?

People watching! I take a lot of inspiration from my own life – nearly everything I’ve written or have planned takes place in small towns with quirky characters. I take notes constantly, jotting down anecdotes and quotes – anything I think will help me form a story or character later.

What are your future writing career plans?

I hope to publish more short stories but my main goal is to finish a novel. I have four in progress, all at different stages, and I hope to complete at least one of them within the next year.

What kind of taco is your favorite?

The more unusual the better! Nothing against plain ground beef but I’ll always pick crazy fillings and toppings. One of the best things I ever ate was a barbacoa beef taco in a tiny little restaurant in Colorado. I’ll never forget it.

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