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A Flash of Words 2, Author Feature - Michael J Ingram

I was recently published in the latest anthology put out by Scout Media called A Flash of Words 2. Each story within features a game, whether fictional or real. Twice a week, I'll feature an interview with one of the authors in the anthology. Enjoy!

Tues (Nov 24) interview: Today, I am featuring author Michael J Ingram, whose story, “The King is Dead,” is included in the anthology, “A Flash of Words 2,” alongside my own brand-new story, “Scatter”

Is it based on a true story?

No, but there was a Women’s World Chess Champion called Vera Francevna Menchik-Stevenson, who was born in Russia. There the similarity ends, and I hope I haven’t caused offence by basing the character of Vera on her. The real Vera married an Englishman and sadly died in an air-raid in London in 1944.

Do you find the word count a help or a hindrance?

Definitely a help. The first draft was about 1500 words, which allowed me the luxury of adding additional detail, but the second about 2200. By cutting out the superfluous 200 words through use of different sentence structure and stronger verbs, I made the story easier to read and punchier.

Do you write in the same genre as your reading preference, or do they differ?

I suppose I do, however, I have a fairly eclectic reading preference, from Fantasy and Sci-Fi to Historical Military Fiction and Thrillers. If it’s a good story, I’ll read it. Hopefully that will help me write a better story, but I also write in several different genres. My submission for An Election of Words is completely different to ‘The King is Dead’.

What are your future writing career plans?

I am still procrastinating over my life-long novel (a High Fantasy Saga). I daren’t say how long it has taken me so far, nor how many iterations it has been through. Nevertheless, I will finish it one day. Other projects are: a black comedy about my divorce, encompassing the depression associated with parental alienation; an erotic novel (under a pen name, of course!); and a series of Historical Fiction books, based on a real-life character.

Which do you prefer writing, the hero or the villain?

Both, and neither. The favourite characters in my novel are major characters, but neither the protagonist, nor the antagonist. Just as long as a character is credible, with all the flaws that a real person would have, that is enough for me.

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A Flash of Words 2 — Scout Media (scoutmediabooksmusic.com)