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This weekend, I am starting my final read-through on Alyssa’s Playlist, knowing of course that a final read-through is never truly final. That said, I’m very excited about this novel. I started it while I was querying The Life and Death of Cody Matthis, and because the querying process is so stressful, and because Cody’s story was so depressing, I was in a place where I really needed fluff.

So I decided to write fluff.

Now, five months later, I’ve realized I’m not capable of writing fluff. That said, in spite of a couple of heavy side-plots, this manuscript has a guaranteed happy ending! But more importantly, I think my writing has vastly improved in just these past few months. It’s bittersweet. On one hand, I’m so happy with how Alyssa turned out. On the other hand, I’m worried that Cody isn’t good enough to get picked up by an editor.

The logical part of me remembers that lots of authors get rejected multiple times, and it often takes multiple manuscripts before they write one that sells.

However, the emotional part of me is still very much in love with the story of Cody and Margo, and I want it to be perfect, and I worry that it isn’t perfect. That part of me wonders if I should rewrite it, move the plot a little faster, possibly rework the order of events.

That’s a dangerous path to tread though. The desire to rewrite, then rewrite, then rewrite again. Never really knowing when to quit.

So I’m just going to resist, for now at least.

Instead, I’m going to turn my focus toward a brand new project! No details yet, it’s still in the muddy, mulling things over in my head, playing out a few ideas stage. Fingers crossed!