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Level of Exhaustion...

Too tired to write.

This is how I know it's a new school year!

I'm not really too tired to write, but I am pretty tired. I've been back at work now for a week, so editing Alyssa's Playlist has slowed. I'm lucky if I get through a couple chapters a day. That said, I made some progress yesterday and today that I'm feeling pretty good about, especially since I really struggled with getting into Alyssa's headspace for a few weeks.

My goal is to have it ready to send off to beta readers by September, and hopefully ready to send to Tina by December.

Update on Cody Matthis, I spoke to Tina on Sunday afternoon. She had prepared the submission packet and was ready to send it on to a few editors. We chatted for a bit about whether to market it as New Adult or Young Adult, a conversation that made me feel a bit silly because I don't know! I feel like I should know, except I don't. Oh, that's sad. I need to get more savvy with my writing terms. Anyway, she suggested we attempt YA first and if the editors come back and say it's not really YA material, try out NA, which sounded good to me. She sent it along and now we are waiting.

I've refreshed my email about a thousand times since Sunday evening, which I know is ridiculous, because there's no way I would hear anything back that quickly. It's exciting and terrifying at the same time. I'm also still waiting to hear if a couple of short stories have gotten picked up by different publications I've submitted to. And I've got ideas for a couple new short stories that I should just buckle down and write.

Finally, I've already started thinking about my next big writing project. Probably once I get Alyssa sent off to betas, I'll start it drafting it. I can feel it's going to be another heartbreaker, but in a good way. I may even try outlining this one instead of just spitting it all out. I'm not sure.