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Weekly Goals and New Developments


It's kind of a big deal, in the writing/publishing world. Writing a book is easy. Building a platform, enticing fans who have never heard of you, putting your name out there and praying for a good response?

Hard. Especially if you're as filled with self-doubt as I am. Which I imagine many aspiring authors are.

Introducing "Weekly Goals" my new segment where every Sunday I outline three big things I want to accomplish within that week. Three things that will help me build a platform, grow my presence online, and *hopefully* successfully query an agent.

Today is April 29, 2018, and my goals are thus:

1) Prepare my query letter and 1-page synopsis for Life and Death of Cody Matthis for #WriteMentor - A mentoring program through www.stuartwhitewriting.com where un-agented writers (me) are paired with agented authors who can offer advice/critiques/suggestions to help improve our chances of getting picked up by an agent.

2) Tweet at least once a day about my writing journey. Yes, I've succumbed. I held off for so long, but I have finally gotten myself a Twitter. @SKaminskiAuthor Follow me, if you so choose. I've decided it's basically a necessity at this point, to connect with other authors and gain recognition in the publishing world. But it's no good if I don't use it, right?

3) Edit and submit at least one short story to a publication. I have a handful I think I could make use of. I just need to get over my fear of rejection and start sending them off. What's the worst that could happen. I don't get published? Same boat I'm already in!

New Developments:

I'm really feeling good about my current editing. I honestly think that Cody Matthis will be ready to send off soon. Hopefully this summer. Again, getting over that fear of rejection. As a treat for anyone who reads my blog (Love ya!) I'm putting an excerpt from my WIP (Work in Progress) below. Enjoy!

A year later, I saw his parents fight for the first and last time. Once was all I needed to see. I don’t know if Cody’s dad ever hit him, but he sure hit his wife. A lot. To him, she was too drunk, too stupid, too untalented, too lazy, too disgusting to be tolerated. When he got in the wrong mood, then she got in the way. There was screaming, there was crying, there was Cody standing stock still in the corner of the room, more still than I had ever seen him in his life, then there was a loud thud as his mom hit the wall, and doors banging as his dad left the room. Cody didn’t cry, but I did.