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The Powers of a Good Editor

The novel is back on track! Cody Matthis will live (and die) again! And again, and again, and again (I've read through my manuscript at least two dozen times now)

A few weeks ago, I sent my manuscript to an editor, because it really does pay (I hope) to have a professional look at your work. She gave me some very good ideas, found a few plot holes that I need to fill, preferably with nutrient rich soil so the pink rose bushes can grow. Then I chatted with her over email for about a week. Basically explaining my crisis of faith regarding the pacing in my book and whether the entire structure needed a makeover.

Her response?

The pacing is fine. And having the structure as it is forces the reader to build a much stronger bond with the characters. She said that if I reworked it the way I had thought I would, I would lose a lot of that character development, which would in turn make the ending a lot less dramatic. It all made sense!

I'm going to go through one last time to make final edits using her notes. Then I just need to perfect the query letter (easier said than done) then send my baby off to agents and small publishers to hopefully survive on its own.

Summer plans, right?

I'm so thrilled that I have a handful of very encouraging people in my life who have read a couple of my short stories and enjoyed them. I keep reminding myself that in an industry like this, your work is never going to be universally loved. But there is a reader for every book, and somewhere out there, there is a person who's going to read about Cody and Margo and feel like I wrote that book specifically of her.

And who knows? Maybe I did.