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Watch as I Disappear!

Under the tower of things to do and write.

My current novel needs a complete makeover. As in, I don't even want to look at it right now, because I know how much work it needs. Way too much work. I keep getting ideas for things that I need to edit on other rough drafts that are currently camping out in my computer like squatters hoping someday they'll be given property rights.

The things I hope to accomplish with my writing seem next to impossible. I'm overwhelmed with what I need to do to even consider sending my piece to a publisher. I've had exactly two beta-readers finish my book. Both of them loved it. Both of them cried. Both of them said they thought it could get published.

So why do I feel like it will never happen for me?

I've had a multitude of people start and never finish my book. Apparently all the best writing happens at the end. But how to convince people to stick around?

Rewrite the whole damn thing.

You know, when you find the time, between work obligations and family obligations, and the obligation to somehow find some sort of meaning in my life. (Are moms allowed to do that? I'm still not entirely sure)

I've been having doubts. About everything. I've been feeling like what I have to offer this world is mediocrity and nothing more. In every aspect of my life.