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The Great Self-Publish Debate

I attended a panel at Kansas City's Planet ComicCon over the pros and cons of self publishing, and I think I'm ready to bite the bullet (cliche) and do this. There are a lot of steps to the process and I'm still having a hard time taking it all in, but I know I have a good start. I have a novel written, and I've sent it to one beta-reader already, as well as a couple of friends. While I wait for feedback (and chew my nails in the time being) I need to start looking into professional editors, copy-editors, formatting, cover design, and real indie publishes.

Just say "no" to vanity publishing.

I want this to be the real deal.

My biggest hiccup is the sheer upfront cost of it all - editing doesn't come cheap. Worth it though, if I come out of the process with a real published novel. One that people will actually want to read.